runs deeper than hunger
and bullet wounds


The war is stealing childhood from more than 6 million Ukrainian children. They are too familiar with losing their homes, schools, friends and even family members. At their tender age, children witness and become victims of unimaginable atrocities, which leads to emotional and psychological trauma. 

This trauma becomes a heavy burden, which stays with the child for the whole life.

War in Ukraine in Pictures


Since 1994 Radooga Ministries has been serving the children of Ukraine. Since then, we have reached and shaped 23,081 youth. 

We have discovered that healing children’s trauma is much needed as we move into this phase of war,  marked by weariness and PTSD. The only way to deal with trauma is to share pain instead of keeping it inside.

Since the beginning of full-scale war in February, 2022, Radooga conducted and partnered with other ministries to hold 100 children's camps, offering social and psychological help to 5000 children, and provided an opportunity for 12,000 children to continue their school education.


To help Ukrainian children affected by war process painful experiences, redirect their attention from war, we will involve them in highly-engaging activities which will help develop their cognitive skills in a fun, creative setting and give them the opportunity to socialize with their peers. 

Let’s not allow the war to steal their smiles

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