Graphic Design (1)
  1. Mattresses or anything to sleep on it;
  2. Pillows;
  3. Blankets;
  4. Beddings;
  5. Towels;
  6. Hygiene items;
  7. Baby food;
  8. Food (crackers, canned meat, honey, sugar, tea, coffee, rice, …..  ;
  9. Haemostatic bandages
  10. Analgesics in ampoules
  11. Haemostatic drugs in ampoules
  12. Blood substitutes for infusions
  13. Tourniquet
  14. Celox Granules and Gauze
  15. Surgicell
  16. Adaptic wound dressing
  17. Bandages
  18. Curlex
  19. Sponges
  20. Towels
  21. Suture
  22. Bovie and Generators if possible
  23. ET tubes
  24. Surgical drapes
  25. Propofol
  26. JP draines
  27. Surgical instruments
  28. Foley catheters
  29. Xeroform wound dressing
  30. Scalpels
  31. Betadine skin preps

32 Chlohexidine skin preps

33. Sterile and exam Gloves

34. Norepinephrine

35. Vasopressin

36. Normal saline

37. Ringer Lactate

38. Propofol

1. Handheld Radios (with chargers, or battery operated).
2. Flashlights
3. Plate carrier
4. Armour class 3+
5. Werbealt
6. Tactical helmets


Our office is currently based in Mukachevo ( 167 Uzhhorod street, Mukachevo, Zakarpatia region, 89611)

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Join us in rebuilding Ukraine

We’re a ministry focused on creating useful events for orphans, children at risk, and underprivileged kids to make a difference in their lives and for youth pastors and leaders to strengthen His church and youth ministry in Ukraine

85,3% of funds are generated in Ukraine

80% of people who come to Christ do so before the age of 18. That’s why investing in the young generation is strategic for us. We provide them with life-changing events, and partner with Youth Pastors to give them life-changing follow-up throughout the year.

Why Ukraine

In Ukraine the last 100 years were tough for us: 2 World Wars and the Soviet Union occupation killed almost any Christian values among our people – Ukraine is one of the most corrupt nations in Europe. And currently economic stagnation and nearly a million refugees are a result of war in the Eastern regions.


What we do

An orphan, a low-income family kid or a teenage from a middle-class family will shape the future of our country. We create unique camp and training experiences to help them base their life on Christian values so that they can truly build a better Ukraine.

Your impact

We put it in 3 simple words: pray, give, go. Our ministry depends on your prayers, donations and personal participation in our projects.

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