At the end of the day it’s about helping a country which has been mismanaged in the last 20 years. Our passion for action comes from feeling the pain – and here are the areas where Ukraine is hurting the most today:


Even though Christianity was introduced here in 988 and most Ukrainians claim to be Christians, most are very nominal and we’re still a 2,5% Protestant Christian nation. Values don’t cross over to the marketplace – according to Transparency International Ukraine is the most corrupt nation in Europe. It ranks 142 of 175 countries. The judiciary, public sector and law enforcement are viewed as the most corrupt sectors. To break this cycle of corruption requires a commitment by the very people in power who often benefit from the proceeds of corruption.


After a strong though short burst of growth during the 2000′s Ukraine’s economy shrank by almost 15% in 2009, making it one of the world’s worst performers. Recently it slumped back into stagnation. The current unrest caused many businesses to shut down, while others are drifting in survival mode.

War-torn Ukraine

November 2013 – spring 2014 Ukrainians stood up against injustice during the Revolution of Dignity, as the ex-president backtracked on the long-awaited agreement with EU, ordered to beat up and later kill peaceful protesters downtown Kiev. A week after his abrupt escape, Russian president Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula. Later his appetite spread out to the Eastern regions of Ukraine. Even though the military conflict has been very localized, the whole country is effected with millions of refugees starting their life from scratch and regular citizens providing volunteer help and means for the army.