We’re an Ukrainian ministry, started and run by the Ukrainians in 1994 with a vision of CHANGING THE NATION. We found the best way to do this was by influencing the hearts of children and youth. And the best place where they could meet God or experience His presence more intimately was camps.

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Our mission

Each day our team strives to design
useful events for youth pastors to strengthen churches and youth ministries.

God grew Radooga from a one-time summer camp to a year-round operating organization in 1998, as it exists today. At every event God uses Radooga to bring young people to Him, either for the first time or re-committing their lives to Him! But we know these changes wouldn’t last without quality follow up, so we partner with local churches.

We’re also an international ministry. Since 1999 we’ve done camps with mission teams from the USA and Canada, hosted American speakers at our conferences and training sessions. The way these events are built allows both North American and Ukrainian youth ministers to do what they do best.

Our values

Christ is our center

Everything we do is about Christ and for Christ. All of our programs and events are designed to advance His Kingdom and to glorify His name.

The Youth Pastor is our hero

He is the one who directly disciples those, who will lead the Church and country into the future. Everything we do is about helping them fulfill their calling.

Our team is our most precious resource

In order to be effective ministers of the Gospel we must continue to grow personally and as a team in all aspects of life.

Excellence is our goal

When we serve God with excellence, we offer Him what He deserves – glory.

In the past 25 years we’ve served:






youth pastors

Meet the Board

Radooga USA is a registered 501(c)3 and is governed by awesome volunteer US Board of Directors. The Board provides financial and strategic oversight, accountability, and support to Radooga Ukraine.

Page Anthony Williams

Board Chairman. Chick-fil-A, Senior Budiness Consultant, Atlanta, GA

Beth Williams

Creative Services, Atlanta, GA

Jim Burton

Banker, Consultant, Nashville, TN

Linda Burton

Banker, Nashville, TN

Bob Hilts

One Challenge International, former Hume Lake Camp Director, Fresno, CA

Daniel LaMore

Senior Vice President, The Christman Company, Grand Rapids, MI

John Bodine

Education and Missions Pastor, Cypress Baptist Church, Benton, LA

Paula Turner

Senior business consultant at Chick-fil-A

Randy Hall

StudentLife founder, President/Owner at Liquid Life Vacation Rentals

Board advisers:

Steve Lorenz

Missions Development International

Marti Scudder

Missions Development International

Our friends

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