Mature Christians, ages 18 and over.

Skills: Native English.

Optional: some experience in Leadership, Business Development, Management, Marketing, Media, Arts, Architecture, Theatre, Sports, Teaching.


Make the most of your summer! Gain unforgettable, life-changing experiences while serving cross-culturally around the globe.

Become a part of the unique innovative programs that attract 98% non-churched seekers to one of the top 5 camps nationwide.

Use your evangelistic tool # 1 – English language and your passions, to impact the next generation of leaders in Ukraine.

Boost your leadership and professional skills through multiple opportunities for applied learning.

Integrate faith and work. Learn to share your faith naturally through teaching valuable skills and building friendships – just like you will do in the marketplace.

Gain a deeper understanding of missions. You will be trained and mentored by on-field missionaries and cross-culturally experienced staff.

While God will be working in the lives of those you serve, you personally will experience Him like never before! He will deeply impact your heart, lead you to examine your beliefs and habits.


TBA Depart from home
TBA Arrive in Kyiv, Ukraine
TBA Orientation
TBA JAMMglish Camp 1
TBA JAMMglish Camp 2
TBA JAMMglish Camp 3
TBA Culture trip and Debriefing
TBA Depart Ukraine
DATE PRICE (Per Person)
*Plus Airfare
2021 TBA* 15 TBA

*Application submission February 15 (Standard) $ 1,750

Today I spoke with another student about Jesus and shared my life story. It was really interesting to listen to their perspective because they come from another religious background. They wanted to understand how Christianity compared to Judaism, so I attempted to summarize the Bible for them. I started with the Creation story, then the story of Joseph, Moses, and eventually the life and resurrection of Jesus. It was incredible. They were very open, receptive, and thoughtful of what I had to say. God is doing amazing things in this camp. I am so thankful to be here.

Kandace Riehl-Tonn (JAMMglish, Canadian Intern)

JAMM – образовательные лагеря для подростков под Киевом

Nikita has Autism and when no other camps in Ukraine would take him Radooga stepped up! Sophie his counselor mentioned that in the beginning, it was difficult for her to adjust to the needs of Nikita however, she soon realized that all Nikita wanted was to make the world around him a better place.

Sophie said, one of the biggest challenges was teamwork. It wasn’t easy for 13-15 years old campers to accept Nikita. He wasn’t as good at sports or teambuilding activities, so at first, they were complaining about having a weak team in the daily challenges, but after some time and with the counselors’ help they improved. On the 3rd day, the team realized that in order to improve they would need to help Nikita realize his potential by showing him where to stand and what to do. I’m sure it was a great experience for them to see Nikita thrive. As Nikita found friendship he was so happy and it brought the whole team together.

By the end of the camp, Nikita had made new friends. Nikita also taught us (counselors & students) a lot about how we treat each other and the power of making the world a better place. Nikita’s mother was very thankful and amazed by our team of counselors and organizers.

Sophie, counselor, interpreter (JAMMglish camp)

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